Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just where I need to be...

So L'Abri is a pretty grand place. I've been here for 5 days now and have absolutely loved the rhythm of life here- lots of tea, reading, eating together, stimulating and intentional discussions about life and faith and creativity, volleyball, castles, listening to music, lectures, movies, and the many joys and struggles of living as a part of a community of people sharing space and life together. Messy but necesarry and beautiful. It's a fantastic place for me to be right now and I'm pretty pumped that I ended up here-

The story of how I heard of L'Abri is pretty neat. I was in class at the seminary a few months ago (as the idea of traveling through the summer was beginning to brew) and I was not really paying attention to the lecture. Instead, I was looking at the computer screen of the girl sitting in front of me (who also was obviously not too intensely focusing on the lecture)- I noticed that the website she was looking at had a nice design to it and I saw the word "L'Abri" somewhere. So when I returned home, I looked it up on my computer, discovered what L'Abri was all about and here I am...

And I'm going through a bit of a cereal withdrawl- it's a been over a week without a single taste of cereal, so I'm hoping to purchase some this afternoon and indulge in my purchase a bit later on.

I look forward to sharing stories (hearing yours as well) with you all upon returning.



  1. funny that your mind went from talking about l'abri to cereal... but i understand ;) typical brian


  2. Miss you , thanks for the updates.