Thursday, August 13, 2009

And I'm off to a monastery

Here's "The Manor House"- where we all live together here at L'Abri. It's huge, old, and beautiful, and hosts about 50 people

L'Abri front door

Yeah, I think that I'm going to hang out at a monastery for the next couple days- should be a really unique experience. I'm leaving L'Abri tomorrow morning (after my 3 week stint here, which was quite fantastic. I hope to return someday for sure.) and hopping on the train to the Oxford, England area where I'll be hanging out with a new friend from here at L'Abri and some brothas at the monastery until early next week. After that, my good friend Matthew (who I know from Memphis, TN) will be joining me for the last couple weeks of my expedition, which will be just perfect for a grand finale... hopefully including France, Holland, and perhaps Italy and whatever else we can fit it.

Over the past week, I took a L'Abri break for a few days and went into London for a bit- saw a show ("Wicked"), visited some museums- National British Art gallery, National Portrait Gallery, + the Tate Modern, went out for dinner a few times, perfected the art of the underground train system (for real, I think I rode to nearly every underground station in the whole city over my few days in London), etc... Here's a few shots from my time in London \/

In front of a real cool bridge (right beside the London bridge actually) with St. Paul's cathedral in the background- we went to a service there right before the picture...

At Trafalgar Square, a real big open square in the center of London.

Here's a nice pic of the whole thing. I didn't take this one.

Ice cream with my friend Noa.

Oh, and here's me with Hans and Jacqui- the family who hosted me for a few days when I first arrived here in England. This pic was from after they dropped me off at L'Abri (which they drove almost 2 hours to do)...


  1. if you need to hop to Scotland, I've got a dear friend who lives there and will host you :)

  2. brian friend. miss you tons and it was a real bummer to travel back to Holland for the parrott wedding and not see you there. i am elated though that you were at L'abri and that you are loving life and learning heaps. we'll talk soon, tony.