Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ok, some catching up from last week.

Here's my hostel in Cork. My 3rd hostel. Real neat place.

So after I was in Cork (and it poured and I had my debit card stolenish), I grabbed a bus over to a little town called Caherciveen (which was a ways from my next stop, but it was as far as the bus went) - I'm getting pretty proficient with the public transportation and finding my way around by this point in time. Once in Caherciveen, I rented a bike and headed out to a place about 15 miles away called The Ballinskelligs (and to a hostel called The Skelligs Hostel)- a very remote little coastal village quite far away from any type of city. It was a pretty grand adventure as I arrived in this tiny town, hopped on a bicycle, and headed out down the (very narrow and curvy, 100km/hr speed limit- so a bit scary) road to my next destination. There were a number of moments where I just stopped and had to out loud remind myself that this was for real- here I am on a bike by myself in the absolutely georgeous countrysides of Ireland with my pack on my back, traveling right beside the ocean and through mountains... I just giggled with glee a few times (or heartily laughed, to sound a bit tougher and rugged), unable to contain the joy, beauty, freedom, and surrealness of the whole thing. Here's some videos from the adventure:

I ended up staying around this area for 4 days (I was planning on heading further up the West coast, but it was just so fantastic here that I had to stay a bit longer). So I spent the next couple of days biking around, doing a couple hikes, and exploring the countryside.

Here's my new Swiss friends Andrew, Nadine, and their kid Gavin. I met them right away as I arrived and then they invited me to join them for some dinner- very kind folks. We spoke mostly in French cause their English was pretty weak.

And here's some other backpacking friends that I met- they were from Milwaukee.

And some other pics from my exploring...

I also went for a pretty epic hike while I was there, but I'll describe that and put up a few pictures and videos sometime soon. Gotta go...


  1. Brian: Is it really safe to be biking with a camera in your hand and trying to show us the scenery around you? Magnificent as it is ! Remember your safety first slogan!

  2. Brian: I also noted no bike helmet. Other than that your trip looks wonderful! Sorry to hear about your debit card... glad it's turning out ok.
    Sharon Rypma

  3. Oh, it was so safe...

    I made sure no cars were coming and I've spent hours and hours and days and days of training that in the practice lab back home before I left- so no worries.

  4. Brian, your reports on the blog are great! Dave claims he was a teeny bit late for work this morning because he couldn't tear himself away from the latest post. Thanks for the postcard! It came today; Eli chewed the corner. Translation: "I love Uncle Brian."

  5. yo! We're not too far from each other... i'm in Pskov Russia (not far from St. Petersburg). Watch the mail when you get to the UK :)
    Don't have time to read updates right now (internet cafe - you understand) but can't wait to story-swap after the summer. We love you brother- Go with God.

  6. okay, so I did it-- something should come for you in the UK... they told me to send it there b/c Russia's mail isn't great and it would take past July 31 to get to you... so I sent it ahead of you :) it's okay if it never makes it.. it's the thought that counts.

    happy hiking.


  7. Brian: I sent your card out this morning via FedEx. Suppossed to be there July 20. All the best. Love you! Dad

  8. Brian its jaelin!!! Wow sounds like ur having a lot of fun. We miss you like crazy! The new youth leaders are nice. Will you ever come to visit?