Sunday, July 12, 2009

What? I've been here for a week and a half already...?!

Here's me at this cool place about 30 min. from here called the giant's causeway ('s_Causeway).
Another from the causeway

Yep, I've been here at "Corrymeela" for almost a week and a half now. The reason I've not done any updates is most definitely not because there has been nothing exciting happening or nothing to write about. Au contraire- It has been a whirlwind of excitement, newness, fun, and intensity.

A bit more about Corrymeela: Corrymeela is a Christian reconciliation organization here in Northern Ireland. It's in (well, next to) a tiny little town called Ballycastle directly on the northern coast. It's a really unique place- a Christian organization, but not an evangelical one (by which I mean that their primary task is not to convert folks to Christianity), A Christian organization, but not one that requires people who work/volunteer here to be Christian necessarily. They describe themselves as a Christian community who also welcome people of all faiths or of no faith... All kinds of different groups come here and Corrymeela provides them with a place to stay, activities, food, conversation, daily worship/ reflection time, etc.. Some of the groups are families who've been directly affected by the violence and conflict between protestants and catholics (who come for a small respite from the craziness), kids who are part of youth programs, families with small children, other marginalized people groups, ... It's very hard to summarize quickly here because it has so many facets and dimensions.

My role thus far has been to facilitate groups (2 thus far- 1 really fun and easy and the other incredibly challenging and rough), build relationships with the folks who come here, make meals, do dishes, lead games, play soccer in the rain with punky Irish teens, fellowship with the other volunteers, drink lots of tea, live in community, share meals, go rockclimbing with groups, etc..

Here's some videos of me talking, just explaining a bit about my time here at Corrymeela. Watch these if you're my family or you're really interested (cause they're a bit long and perhaps a tad boring unless you just love listening to my voice and watching my face).

Here's the Croi (pronounced "cree" that I mentioned)
And here's the place where I've been living for the past while. It's brand new and just perfect...

Here's a few of my new friends-Daniel from Switzerland and Noa from Israel. They've been my closest buds here thus far...

My Swiss roomie Daniel and I

Some castle remains we climbed around on...


  1. Wow. Thanks for the updates. I was slow at work so watched them all. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  2. A week and a half...time is just going to fly while you're there. It seems like you're making the most of it. I like how most of us would look at an island and think "wow. that's pretty." and you think "maybe I could find a boat and go explore it". i admire your sense of adventure.
    I like the video updates...perhaps we could meet your new friends via video update (that might be cool).
    glad you are well,

  3. Brian. I love you. We miss you. Get a haircut. :)

  4. Nairb!
    Have been checking daily, so excited to see you were able to update. Thanks for making the time to share with us what's going on! Loved the video updates, praying for you and love you bunches.
    Got your postcard. SWEET! The girls saw it and said "Uncle Brian!!!!" and then "What happened to his face?" There was a big smudge mark on your cheek, but I assured them it was only on the picture and not in real life. hehe
    Have a wonderful rest of your week and a half there. Have a wonderful Irish 26th birthday on Monday little bro! (I'm assuming our mail might get to you a smidge late.... we'll see!)
    love, An

  5. glad to see you`re doing well. i will labor through your videos later ( i love to hear your voice ). It`s sunday am and i am ready to leave for mp. wanted to wish you a happy birthday a day early. jodi says "hi". peace, love, rocknroll. BOB

  6. Brian, love you pictures and sharing of your adventure.
    Happy Birthday ! -a day early :)
    Miss you !

  7. Salutations, Brian,
    Feliz cumpleanos! Prayed that God would keep using you as a tool of reconciliation (ok, not a "tool" exactly, maybe "instrument" is a better word) and belss you on your b-day.

  8. Hey Brian - LOVED hearing about your time in Corrymeela...if you've got a spare year, you can always go back! Good luck with the rest of the adventure :)