Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm in the real Holland

Made it safe and sound to Rotterdam, Holland this afternoon. My friend Matthew and I took a ferry across this afternoon from Carwich, England- which was about a 7 1/2 hour trek. I slept most of the way in our little cabin that we purchased.

We were hoping to take the ferry leaving last night at 9pm, but it was all booked (Resulting in some unique adventures, which I'll tell you about when I come back if you ask. You should ask.), so we ended up coming this morning.

Going to stay here in Rotterdam for the day tomorrow too, hopefully head up to the north of Holland, and then tentatively going to fly to Italy. We'll see what happens though...


  1. Good to hear your voice the other day Nairb. Love ya. Enjoy the real Holland, I hear it's even cooler than the not-quite-as-real Holland.

  2. Have you made contact with anyone in Holland or are you just going to "wing it" Elsa would put you up if you asked.m