Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nervous Excitement Bubbling Up In My Insides

Welcome to the new blog.

So in 5 days, I'll be taking off for the whole summer to some fantastic places in Europe. I'm still working out a lot of the details, but my destination list includes Ireland, Northern Ireland (technically part of the UK), England, Netherlands (probably), and maybe some other stops depending on what happens and who I meet and such things...

Here's my rough itinerary:

End of June: Wander around Ireland. Explore. Stay in hostels and wherever I can find a place to sleep.

July: Volunteer at a place called "Corrymeela"- a Christian reconciliation center.

Early August: Stay at L'Abri.

Late August: Explore Netherlands.

I plan on updating this whenever I'll have access to a computer (I'm not bringing one with, so I'll be using internet cafes and whatever else I can find), and I look forward to sharing a bit of my experiences with y'all.


  1. Hi from the computer room Brian. I will follow your blog with great interest......your mom
    ps( see you at suppertime)

  2. when i left for france, one of my friends told me..."when you step out into the unknown, you will either be given solid ground or taught how to fly"...remember that. expect miracles.

  3. yaaay! so super pumped for you --- i hope u for SURE get to the netherlands! can't wait to read about what you learn and experience. G&P, friend!!

  4. Dear EuroMulder,

    What's the conversion rate from dollars to loonies to euromulders? I mean MulderEuros? Or whatever. Have a sweet trip my friend, and if you meet any VandenBergs in Dinxterveen (Holland), say "hi" for me.

    Peace my friend, and don't forget to read "The God Who is There" before you get to l'abri. A Schaeffer classic you won't regret. Maybe pick it up for your flight?


  5. I wish you fun travels tomorrow! I hope that you meet some wonderful people traveling and once you plunk down in Ireland! Blessings!


  6. Brian,

    It was great to talk to you this morning. Albeit brief but great.

    My prayer is that God would meet you on the road, that you would be sensitive to His voice, and that you would have courage to go where He calls. It's not exactly the road to Damascus but prayerfully your life will be changed similarily.

    Looking forward to hearing lots of stories and seeing lots of pics.

    Grace and Peace,

  7. Hey friend, Christen and I have some friends here from Amsterdam. Let us know if you want some contacts there. Have a great time and we look forward to your updates! We'll miss seeing you this summer :(