Monday, June 29, 2009

Castles and buses (which should have 2 "s"es- and it apparently can, I looked it up- but it looks funny like that)

Here's my crazy English roommates from the hostel in Dublin- Ben, Dave, Jamie, Tom (who's a musician- can you guess which one he is? He gave me a cd of his too, which I'm excited to listen to when I find a cd player), and Rich.

Here's the beautiful map of Ireland that I drew, with my proposed path...

Yeah, I'm now in a little town called Kilkenny. Took the bus here from Dublin yesterday afternoon (I accidentally slept nearly the whole 2 1/2 hours though), met my new hostel roommates and hung out with them for a bit.
Here's 2 of them and I- German guys named Florian and Philip. The other 2 in the room were 2 young guys from France.

And then I got to hang out with my friend Yvonne (who lives in Holland ((MI)) but she's Irish and was visiting her family who live here in Kilkenny) for a bit. She toured me around the city for a while and showed me some of the highlights.
Kilkenny castle- built in 1100 somethingish.

And soon I hop on a bus again to travel to the next place, Cork.


  1. muchas gracias for timely updates... we like to know where you are
    looks beautiful!

  2. You look funny in front of castles.


  3. I'm officially addicted to your updates. I'm loving sharing in this time with you, brother. It's so fun, so freeing, so beautiful, so great to meet brothers and sisters all over Ireland. bring back your stories for our eager ears and hearts. -abbyewp

  4. Sounds like the adventure is...err...adventurous. :)

    Continue to have a grand time! We must do lunch when you get back.